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Commission To Congress Re. The Cloud: Require Disclosure Of Server Locations

Government Agencies Want Better Transparency From Cloud Providers

Industry Should Steal FedRAMP Cloud Security Baselines

GSA Looking at New Way for Agencies to Buy Cloud

TSA Needs Info on Moving to Agile, Cloud Platform

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Can Tony Scott Get It All Done?

When U.S. CIO Tony Scott started making the rounds at Washington-area events in March, about six weeks after his appointment, he projected a calm, unruffled demeanor and showed a knack for staying on message with his metaphors....

IBM Bets Big on Cloud for the Public Sector

IBM, along with distribution and vendor partners, aims to drive higher cloud adoption in the federal government and other public-sector markets....

CIO, Analyst Say Cloud Computing in Healthcare Meets HIPAA

Many fear cloud computing in healthcare. But a long-term care company disputes that stance, instead going 100% into the cloud while firmly believing it complies with HIPAA....

The Implications of “Cloud First” & “Shared First”

Everyone reading this knows of the federal initiatives like “Cloud First” and “Shared First.” What most don’t realize is the implications that those simple four words mean....

Backgrounder: Using FedRAMP to Navigate the Cloud

The benefits of cloud computing — such as speed, security and scalability — are appealing to chief information officers everywhere, but finding a way to acquire cloud solutions has been a tough nut to crack for those working in the federal government....