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Whose Keys Are They Anyway?

Depending on the cloud encryption model employed, cloud data may be susceptible to unauthorized access by cloud service provider insiders or be moved to other jurisdictions that might present data sovereignty issues....

DoD Implements Stricter Cyber Incident Oversights, Cloud Computing Guidelines

The Defense Department Wednesday initiated two sets of policies to enforce stricter guidelines when dealing with about 10,000 contractors the department trusts with offsite cyber information....

How to Jump From Cloud to Cloud

All the major cloud providers use technology different enough so that switching from one to another would require customers to rewrite much of their software. ...

How to Build Your Own Hybrid Cloud

These days, in one way or another, many organizations are finding ways to leverage the many benefits of cloud computing....

You're Hosting Uncle Sam's Files in the Cloud. You Get Hacked. This is What Happens Next

The US government has posted a new set of rules outlining how cloud providers should report IT security cockups that involve Uncle Sam's data....