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New Management Platform Helps Business Move To The Cloud

OMB, CIOs To Assess Agencies' FITARA Compliance; Richard Spires Comments

DHS Signs Up For OASIS

The Real Benefit of Switching to the Cloud, According to this Intelligence Community Tech Official

Defense Issues Cloud Security Guidelines

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Cloud Computing + Things = ‘Information Excellence,’ Not IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) has quickly become the next "be all to end all" in information technology....

White House Gets Superserious About Supercomputing

President Barack Obama on Wednesday signed an executive order requiring the federal government to invest in, research and deploy supercomputing technology in the public sector....

Buy or Build? For IT, It's Custom vs. COTS

If agencies had all the money and time they needed, most would probably still prefer to build their own IT applications and house them on hardware located on agency premises. But that option is no longer viable....

Obama Orders Creation of Exascale Supercomputer

Can the president's executive order prompt the development of computer systems capable of running at 1 exaflops?...

Survey: Shadow IT Haunts DOD Networks

As the Defense Department moves toward expanded use of cloud computing and a joint operating environment, it might want to pay some attention to shadow IT—that is, the use of unauthorized applications or other services by employees looking to speed up a process or find a workaround to a problem....