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Open Hybrid Clouds: A New Approach to Cloud Computing

In recent years, cloud computing has delivered information technology managers a means to streamline their practices and reduce operating costs. Now, a new range of tools has emerged to help IT make the most of cloud’s potential.... to Give Agencies a PaaS

Agencies will soon have a faster and easier way to develop, run, and manage web applications without the complexity and cost of building and maintaining infrastructure....

Federal Agencies May Not Be an Innovation Laggard After All

The federal government has had to endure its fair share of criticism for its slow adoption of IT, particularly when it comes to the cloud....

Experts: It's Time to Rethink Cloud Data Privacy Protection

With the rapid growth of cloud services, enterprises and U.S. government agencies need to reevaluate data privacy protection before it's too late, according to experts at the Privacy. Security. Risk 2015 event this week....

Government Cloud Adoption Efforts Lag as Security Concerns Persist

Half a decade into the cloud-first initiative, adoption in the federal government continues to be way behind schedule mostly due to security concerns. Vendors argue that those concerns are exaggerated...