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Nov 29, 2015





December 16th Quarterly Meeting


Join the Data Center Exchange on December 16 at the City Club of Washington, D.C., for an off-the-record Happy Hour discussion on the policies and legislation that will shape the landscape for the upcoming year. This complimentary meeting is open to government attendees. To RSVP, please email Courtney Perrone at or call (703) 883-9000 ext. 130. 





New Report: Opportunity to Rebuild and Rebrand Legacy Apps




Federal IT managers estimate that 55 percent of their current legacy applications could be successfully modernized and 66 percent believe application modernization efforts will increase at their agency in the next 18 months.  Download MeriTalk’s new report, “Future Ready Applications,” to find out how Feds plan to speed up the modernization process.


Don't Be a Box Hugger



This comprehensive new report dives deep into the state of cloud computing in the Federal Government, identifying successes and offering solutions to the vexing challenges still ahead. Download the report here.


The Agile Advantage


Agile Advantage


68% of Feds believe DevOps will improve collaboration between development, security, and operations teams – find out why today.
Feds Fear Commitment


Three-quarters of Feds want to date the cloud, but more than half say they are afraid to get married. Learn more. 


The App Gap

Feds spend $62 billion annually on legacy systems. Download our infographic to discover the path forward, and how cloud is bridging the gap. 

Report Examines Cloud Data Stewardship Challenges



Agencies want to double their cloud use - but, 89 percent of Federal IT pros are apprehensive about migrating and giving up control. Download MeriTalk's recent report, "Cloud Control: Moving to the Comfort Zone," to examine data stewardship challenge in the evoling cloud landscape.




Cloud Acquisition: How to Buy

The Cloud Computing Exchange hosted a quarterly meeting on Wednesday, March 11 at the Tower Club at Tysons Corner for a conversation on Cloud Acquisition - How do Buy. Stan Kaczmarczyk, GSA, and Greg Capella, DHS, led the conversation with a group of Federal IT leaders.





Cloud Connect: The Multi Cloud Balancing Act



On November 18 the half day Cloud Connect event discussed the current state of cloud play and future cloud outlook. The event took a close look at what works, what doesn't, and which cloud solutions will accelerate Federal cloud adoption moving forward. 


2014 Cloud Computing Brainstorm



MeriTalk's Cloud Computing Brainstorm took place on Wednesday, September 10, 2014 at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. Click here to see photos from the event.




The FedRAMP OnRAMP provides transparency into the certification process.

Learn how the Cloud Computing Caucus Advisory Group is helping to educate lawmakers and the public about cloud computing here.


Case Studies: See what other agencies are doing to meet the FCCI requirements


Read about cloud computing from our affiliate, OTFL here