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White House Preps New Cyber Policy Dealing With Federal Contractors

Senate Cyber Bill Authorizes EINSTEIN For All Agencies

Coalition: Senate bill aimed at boosting private sector cybersecurity data sharing is 'a train wreck'

Senate bill would help feds detect, block hackers

Senate is Likely to Consider Cybersecurity Legislation Before August Recess

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City of Los Angeles Makes SIEM a Star

Cybersecurity tools have evolved, and state and local agencies today collect mountains of data on cyberthreats....

FBI Understaffed to Ward Off Cybersecurity Attacks, Report Says

The Next Generation Cyber Initiative is meant to step up investigation of cyber crimes, but the FBI is having trouble attracting computer scientists and cooperation from the private sector, according to an independent study....

Can Real-world Rules Be Applied to Cyber Response?

When it comes to defining responses to attacks in the cyber domain, the Defense Department’s policies are still in flux....

Senators Wrap DHS Cyber Bills Together in Bid for Floor Time

A Senate committee on Wednesday approved a cybersecurity bill that would give the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) considerable powers to defend government networks from hackers....

The Government is Headed Back to the Drawing Board Over Controversial Cybersecurity Export Rules

The cybersecurity industry and the government have been struggling over proposed export rules that researchers say could end up making the Internet less safe. ...