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Federal Agencies Tout VDI Security, Flexibility

Several IT pros from federal government agencies face the same dilemma as all IT: How to provide security and the freedom and flexibility to support a mobile workforce....

Integrated Systems Test Prevents Data Center Downtime

Some colocation providers say the best way to prevent data center downtime is to regularly pull the plug and see what happens. (Hopefully, nothing.)...

The Case That Has Microsoft, Apple and Amazon Agreeing for Once

The U.S. government’s contention is that it can demand electronic data anywhere U.S. companies keep them, and that it doesn’t need to ask a local jurisdiction’s permission....

Cost Wars: Data Center vs. Public Cloud

Nine years ago Amazon launched Amazon Web Services (AWS) and kicked off perhaps the most transformative shift in the history of the $300B data center industry....

The Real Software Revolution is in the Data Center

Sometimes, behind-the-scenes work is more important than the up-front stars. Just ask anyone who’s worked on a special-effects-laden movie or other video project....