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Public Cloud Drives Enterprise Data Center Consolidation

Amazon Web Services, which just a few years ago was a provider of rentable virtual servers thought to be a good fit for startups and test and development workloads only, is a different beast today, working hard – and in many cases successfully – to become the cloud enterprises migrate their corporat...

Blog: Data Center Consolidation Nets Big in Federal Savings, GAO Finds

The tally is in and the news is mostly good: The federal government saved about $3.6 billion over a three-year period by implementing information technology reforms set in motion by the Office of Management and Budget, or OMB....

The Modern Data Center: Challenges and Innovations

The modern data center is a complex place. The proliferation of mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, place an ever-increasing pressure on IT departments and data centers....

Challenges of Data Consolidation

Those responsible for optimizing the performance of a federal data center typically consolidate data from system that monitor building management, electrical power and data center infrastructure across the network....

Cost-Cutting Tricks For Your Data Center Labs

These IT cost-cutting tricks applied in data center labs can result in big savings....