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Are You Sure Your Data Centre is Really as Secure as You Think It Is?

Data centres are only as secure as the connectivity that links them up to a network....

Data Center Malinvestment?

One of the dangers of artificially low interest rates is malinvestment: money put into certain projects is misplaced because demand in that area is unsustainable or overestimated. Do data centers fall into that category?...

The Data Center in the New Digital Economy

The cloud is a powerful new weapon in the IT arsenal, but it is pretty clear at this point that most enterprises will continue to invest in local data infrastructure for the foreseeable future....

How Edge Data Center Providers are Changing the Internet’s Geography

These are facilities that quite literally extend the “edge” of the internet further from the traditional internet hubs....

Internap's New York Metro Data Center Achieves World's Most Exclusive Green Building Rating with LEED Platinum Distinction

Internap Corporation, a provider of high-performance Internet infrastructure services, today announced that its New York Metro area data center, located in Secaucus, N.J., has received two highly coveted ratings for green design and energy efficiency....