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Disaster Unpreparedness

Data and information play an integral role in the short and long-term mission success of Federal agencies. Data loss means more than files simply missing from a database – it could mean citizens don't receive social security checks or service members face unnecessary risks. To protect our data and keep government running, agencies need robust and reliable data resilience and disaster recovery (DR2) systems.

So, how confident are Fed IT professionals in their agencies' DR2 capabilities? How ready and resilient are the systems, and do agencies verify by testing? MeriTalk surveyed Federal DoD and civilian IT professionals to better understand the current preparedness of Federal agencies to recover their data in the event of a natural or man-made incident.

Download "Disaster Unpreparedness" to find out:

  • How Fed IT professionals currently rate their agencies' DR2 capabilities
  • How Federal agencies are addressing their DR2 challenges
  • How often Federal agencies should test their DR2 systems vs. how much they are currently being tested
  • What steps agencies need to take to gain complete confidence in their disaster preparedness and back up recovery systems

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