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Posted: 5/23/2008 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]

EMERYVILLE, Calif., BELLEVUE, Wash. and NOVI, Mich., May 22-- Telematics Detroit 2008 Show -- MobiTV, Inc., the leader inthe delivery of mobile content and services, and UIEvolution (UIE), aglobal leader in software solutions that power the deployment of richapplications and services to users anytime, anywhere and on any device,today announced their collaboration on an end-to-end solution that willenable streaming video experiences in automobiles. The Connected Carsolution by UIEvolution will be demonstrated with video technology providedby MobiTV at this year's Telematics Detroit 2008 show.Auto manufacturers are able to quickly add connectivity to standaloneaudio, video and navigation systems as well as integrate advertising. TheUIE Connected Car solution with video powered by MobiTV delivers real-timeinformation and personalized content to the driver, entertainment to therear-seat passengers and provides fully-integrated, targeted advertisingdelivery. The ability to add advertising can reduce the cost of a monthlysubscription for connected services.The solution uses the industry-leading technology from UIEvolutionincluding robust client-server technology to facilitate and streamline thein-vehicle experience. Once the vehicle is in the market, UIE Blender(TM),the managed service for content aggregation, management & on-boardingallows automakers to update, add and extend services and applications,responding to changing market trends and consumer behavior.MobiTV is providing the encoding and delivery platform for thein-vehicle streaming solution, utilizing its RTP/RTSP and 3GPP-compliantOptimized Delivery Server (ODS). ODS combines unicast and multicastdistribution methods, creating a single delivery platform that improvesvideo quality and decreases backhaul. MobiTV's ODS utilizes bandwidthsmoothing, seamless network handover capabilities and bandwidth adaptationthat includes stream switching, stream thinning and rate shaping tosignificantly improve the overall user experience."UIE and MobiTV share a common vision to create and deliver analways-on, connected media experience to the fourth screen in theautomobiles of the near future," said Kevin Grant, vice president of sales,MobiTV. "UIE's ability to deliver world-class integrated services andMobiTV's proven capability of delivering live TV over virtually everymodern wireless network will bring the viewing convenience of the livingroom to the back seat of tomorrow's vehicles.""We are pleased to be working with MobiTV and believe that our combinedleadership and expertise will deliver the industry's most comprehensive andpowerful in-auto entertainment solution," said Keith O'Neill, vicepresident of business development new media and devices, UIE. "UIEvolutionis leveraging eight years of wireless experience and the technology thatdelivers the recently announced MEdia Mall 2.0 storefront to millions ofAT&T customers to bring compelling content to the automobile."MobiTV's Optimized Delivery Server delivers the industry's fastestchannel change capability (sub-one second) and enables new videoadvertising insertion solutions including in-stream insertion for live andclip linear content and the ability to deliver in-video personalized,targeted ads to a specific user based on the user's available profileinformation.UIE at Telematics Detroit 2008UIE will be demonstrating the UIEvolution Connected Car solutionshowing streaming video as well as with other products at this year'sTelematics Detroit 2008 show. For more information or to schedule anappointment, please email: UIEvolutionUIEvolution is a global leader in cross-platform software solutions,services and tools enabling companies to streamline development, design anddelivery of rich consumer experiences on any device or network. For moreinformation please visit MobiTVMobiTV (, the market maker and leader in thedelivery of mobile content and services, develops and offers technologysolutions that power an end-to-end managed network for content ingestion,encoding and optimized delivery over mobile and broadband networks.MobiTV's platform technology delivers live television, premium andprimetime programming, video-on-demand, satellite and digital musicservices from top broadcast and cable television networks and major musiclabels through its carrier and operator partners to more than three millionsubscribers worldwide. Founded in 1999, MobiTV is a privately held companywith headquarters in Emeryville, California.MobiTV and the MobiTV logo are trademarks, service marks, and/orregistered trademarks of MobiTV, Inc. in the United States and in othercountries. All other trademarks, service marks, and product names usedherein are the property of their respective owners.
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