Secure multicloud-as-a-service (MCaaS) has the power to rewrite the cloud trajectory for your Federal agency – no matter where you are in your cloud journey.

Adopting a multicloud strategy means leveraging the strengths of multiple cloud providers – including on-prem and edge cloud technologies – to acquire capabilities that best meet your business and mission requirements. And, as agencies look to migrate applications and workloads to multiple environments – including their most sensitive and heavily regulated data and workloads – a key consideration must include the ability to meet federal compliance and security mandates.

Secure multicloud-as-a-service can help ensure compliance, protect against potential security threats, provide workforce “surge” support and optimize cloud IT investments. But, there’s a catch – multicloud brings new complexity, interdependencies, and misconceptions. Learn how to navigate these challenges and garner the full power of simplified, secure multicloud at speed and scale.


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