FITARA’s Season Opener?

Agency CIOs QB Fed IT – or do they? That’s FITARA’s goal – to improve Fed IT performance by ensuring CIOs are the only QB on the Fed IT field. So, isn’t it ironic that, like the Redskins, DC’s IT franchise is plagued by ownership and QB problems?

As we kick off the Redskins’ season on August 13th, FITARA has it’s own season opener on August 15th, the first deadline for agencies to submit their self-assessment baselines. MeriTalk released a new FITARA study this week, and we’re hosting our own FITARA gridiron with OMB on August 11th at the Newseum, the FITARA Forum. Here’s your chance to hear from FITARA coach Congressman Gerry Connolly, as well as to watch Tony Scott, OMB’s FITARA implementation leads, GAO’s Dave Powner, Rich Beutel, and a Federal CIO all-pro team take the field.

Super Bowl Shoo-in?

Overall, the study shows Feds are upbeat about the 2016 Fed IT season. Eighty-four percent think FITARA will put power to CIOs elbows and improve Fed IT efficiency. All good. But, like Congressman Connolly and his fellow Hill coaches, you want answers to the tough FITARA questions – how, how much, and when?

First, how? Forty-four percent of Feds point to FITARA’s ability to reduce the number of duplicate systems, 41 percent point to better investment decisions.

Second, how much? Feds believe FITARA can block $12 billion in waste.

Lastly, Feds expect a quick turnaround – 20 percent expect to see FITARA impact IT efficiency within six months and an additional 38 percent expect to see real improvement within two years.

More than half assert that FITARA will increase the value of OMB’s IT dashboard. Interestingly, just six percent think it’ll increase CIO turnover – although I beg to differ here.

Fantasy Football?

But sadly it’s not a clear running lane into the end zone. Only 18 percent of Fed IT execs assert their agencies will definitely meet the August 15 deadline – and only 19 percent feel good about their agencies’ ability to meet the next deadline on December 31st. While 60 percent are satisfied with OMB’s guidance, 28 percent aren’t familiar with OMB’s FITARA guidance.

Tom Brady and FITARA?

Another burning question – can we rely on the data agencies provide in their FITARA reports? We’re along way from Deflate-gate. That said, OMB’s working hard to ensure agencies are playing by the rules. That’s why they’re reaching out to get the word out about FITARA. Here’s your chance to get a seat on the 50 yard-line. Join us for the All-Star game on August 11th at the Newseum to check out FITARA’s heavy hitters. Are you excited for FITARA football season?

Steve O'Keeffe
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