Managing and Securing Federal Data From the Rugged Edge, to the Core, to the Cloud

The Federal government collects and manages more data outside of traditional data centers than ever before from sources including mobile units, sensors, drones, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. Teams need to manage data efficiently and securely across the full continuum – edge to core to cloud.

In some cases, operating at the edge means space constrained, remote, and harsh environments – with limited technical support. Our new Dell EMC VxRail D Series delivers a fully-automated, ruggedized Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) – ideal for demanding federal and military use cases.

VxRail is the only HCI appliance developed with, and fully optimized for, VMware environments. We built the solution working side by side with the VMware team. Both administrators and end users get a consistent environment, including fully automated lifecycle management to ensure continuously validated states. How? More than 100 team members dedicated to testing and quality assurance, and 25,000 test run hours for each major release.

Users can manage traditional and cloud-native applications across a consistent infrastructure – in winds up to 70 mph, temperatures hot enough to fry an egg and cold enough to freeze water, and 40 miles-per-hour sandstorms. Whether you are managing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), or mission-critical applications in the field, your team can take advantage of HCI benefits and ease of use.

As Federal teams collect and manage more data, they also have to be able to put that data (structured and unstructured) to work, creating new insights to help leaders deploy the right resources to the right place, anticipate problems more effectively, and achieve new insights.

Dell Technologies recently announced a new PowerScale family, combining the industry’s number one network-attached storage (NAS) file system, OneFS, with Dell EMC’s PowerEdge servers, at a starting point of 11.5 terabytes raw and the capability to scale to multi-petabytes. PowerScale nodes include the F200 (all-flash), F600 (all-NVME), and Isilon nodes. End users can manage PowerScale and Isilon nodes in the same cluster, with a consistent user experience – simplicity at scale.

Federal teams – from FEMA managing disaster relief, to the Department of Justice working on law enforcement programs, to the Department of Defense managing military operations, can start small and grow easily on demand.

PowerScale is OEM-Ready – meaning debranding and custom branding is supported, while VxRail D Series is MIL-STD-810G certified and is available in a STIG hardening package. Both PowerScale and VxRail D Series enjoy the Dell Technologies secure supply chain, dedicated engineering, and project management support.

As the Federal government continues to deploy emerging technology, and collect and manage more and more data outside of the data center, government and industry need to collaborate to continue to drive innovation at the edge, so we can take secure computing capabilities where the mission is – whether that’s a submarine, a field in Kansas, a tent in the desert, or a dining room table.

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