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Delivering on Federal Missions Using Technology

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MeriTalk, in partnership with AWS, surveyed 150 Federal Civilian IT managers in November 2020 to catalog agencies’ digital transformation progress.

Safeguarding Civilian Missions

of Federal Civilian leaders say they’ve accelerated digital transformation efforts in response to the surge in telework and urgency to adapt citizen services

The percentage of agencies with a defined digital transformation strategy more than doubled since this shift

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How is the pandemic impacting digital transformation?

IT is core to the mission and no longer ancillary. Now that IT is getting a seat at the table, what are you going to do? You have to be responsive

Federal Chief Technology Officer

Critical Component

Most impactful change on agencies’ digital transformation journeys?

Investing in

Other Important Steps

  • Automating time-consuming manual processes
  • Adopting an agile development approach
  • Using data to create models for better optimization and efficiency
  • Shifting to a data-centric mindset



are adopting a more holistic view of cloud migration to support digital transformation




feel prior cloud investments helped them deliver on their mission throughout the pandemic

How are agencies using cloud?

How are agencies using cloud?

Challenges Remain

Despite progress and urgency, just

say digital transformation is a top priority in their agency



say their agency’s digital transformation strategy is not adapting fast enough to keep pace with rapidly evolving environments

Biggest Digital Transformation Challenges?


Security concerns


Time constraints/ length of the migration process


Workforce skills gap


Too many competing priorities


Inflexible legacy networks

Technology for the Citizen

Going forward

feel digital transformation is essential to offering a seamless citizen experience

Agencies are accelerating digital transformation efforts with investments in:

Cloud Computing 59%
Machine Learning 43%
Open-Source Technology 37%
Internet of Things 33%
Artificial Intelligence 31%



have experienced benefits to their mission, including:


Increased Efficiency


Increased Collaboration


Increased Innovation

Making the Mission Possible

Aside from funding, what do Feds need to move beyond digital transformation barriers and innovate on behalf of the citizen?


A culture that supports innovation


Training for IT workforce


User groups to share best practices


Collaboration with private sector

Advice for advancing digital transformation?

Advice for advancing digital transformation?

Embracing Digital Transformation

Rethink Culture

Proliferate a digital transformation mindset by establishing a culture that supports innovation. Senior leadership should adapt a technology-first philosophy and provide continued education to the workforce to keep pace with changing environments.


Accelerate Automation

Advance digital transformation through automation and artificial intelligence. Re-write governance policies around automation to deploy frequent, small changes to reduce risk, not impact.

Cloud is Critical

Investing in a flexible IT system is essential to successful digital transformation. Effectively scale cloud on behalf of the citizen by taking a more holistic view to cloud migration and investing in next-gen tech to support the transition.

MeriTalk | AWS

AWS provides secure, scalable, and cost-efficient solutions to support the unique requirements and missions of the Federal government.  Our cloud services can be deployed to meet mandates, reduce costs, drive efficiencies, and increase innovation across civilian agencies. To learn more, visit:  https://aws.amazon.com/federal/.