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We love news here at MeriTalk, whether it’s Russian troops in Ukraine, NASA discovering 715 new planets, or spring training.

When members of the cloud community met on the Hill for the Cloud Computing Caucus Advisory Group event to discuss FedRAMP, we didn’t get much news on the program’s looming deadline. We even dusted off the reporter’s notebook, ready to cover the countdown to the shutdown, with respect to the June ticker.

So we’re wondering how firm the June deadline is for agencies to get Cloud service provider compliance. We’re wondering what happens if an agency misses the deadline. Will they get a reprieve? Face repercussions?

The Office of Management and Budget will handle enforcement. But Maria Roat did say GSA won’t “shut off” agencies that don’t get their Cloud service provider approved by June.

We did hear interesting anecdotes about going through the FedRAMP process – the cost, investment of time, the scrutiny potential CSPs can expect – and our friends had lots of questions about FedRAMP details.

We also got to explain about the new FedRamp OnRAMP. Think Domino’s Pizza, but on a bigger scale.

The FedRAMP OnRAMP will let agencies track the progress of cloud service providers as they try to gain compliance. The portal will also provide important metrics – return on investment, the average cost of compliance efforts and government-wide savings. The OnRAMP will be fully functional in a matter of days.

We love news, but we’ll have to keep our eyes on FedRAMP to see how the story ends.

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