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Wrangling Today’s CI Challenges

Disruption, corruption, and dysfunction of our nation’s critical infrastructures and information systems remains a top concern in today’s cyber security dialogue. From transportation and energy, to healthcare and financial services – all must be defended from external and internal threats to ensure data is secure. But the government can’t do it alone. Critical infrastructure is a shared responsibility that requires rallying the troops from both the public and private sector to protect and defend.

Join this session to hear the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of how Federal agencies are securing our nations domain and CI vulnerabilities. We’ll discuss the intersection of IT and OT, the best approaches for detecting weakness in CI, and much more.

Session Speakers

Eitan Goldstein [moderator]
Senior Director for Strategic Initiatives
Director, Cyberspace Mission Assurance and Deterrence
Department of Defense
Assistant Director
DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency
National Risk Management Center
DreamPort and Maryland Innovation and Security Institute