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Diversity and Inclusion – Come Together

We’re a nation built on the hard work, ingenuity, and innovation of a melting pot of people and cultures. And, studies show that diverse workplaces are higher performing – and spur innovation and growth.

The Biden Administration is focused hard on cultivating a government and national workforce that draws on the best of all Americans. But, to unlock the potential of a truly diverse and inclusive culture across government, America still has a lot of hard work ahead to level the playing field.

Technology can be a powerful force in the quest for greater diversity and inclusion. Leveraged effectively, it can diversify and expand talent pools, expand access, and reduce bias. The digital divide, however, is wider than ever. For the sake of our global competitiveness and national unity, we must act definitively to not only bridge, but permanently close, the gap. Through new legislation and directives, both the CX EO and infrastructure bill aim to improve access to benefits and technology for low-income families. Will improved government services and increased internet access be enough to close the divide?

How can we think bigger, re-imagining and mobilizing new public-private partnerships in this important mission? How do we jumpstart access now while creating a foundation for continuous modernization? And, how do we ensure sustained investment now and in the future?

Session Speakers

Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility