Assistant Director for Cyber Security Strategy
White House

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before…prioritizing compliance based security leaves gaps in your network, but prioritizing effective protection can often leave you short of compliance goals. How do agencies strike the balance? Is government moving effectively towards predictive security approaches that can improve both compliance and defense?


Chris Ballister [moderator]
Associate Partner
Cybersecurity & Privacy Service Area
Managing Partner, Kneidinger LLC
(Former Federal IT Executive)
Director of Operations of the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Chief Information Security Officer
Transportation Security Administration
Acting CIO and CISO
Department of Commerce

The cyber landscape evolves daily and the bad guys often move faster than the good. To keep our data, systems, and enterprises secure, cyber security executives must wrangle many moving parts – training, governance, budgets, and innovation. How will agencies deal with increased cyber security budgets – will more money help? […]

Stan Tyliszczak [moderator]
Vice President
Technology Integration and Chief Engineer
General Dynamics Information Technology
Jeff Eisensmith [invited]
Former Chief Information Security Officer
Department of Homeland Security (Retired)
Chief Information Officer
Department of Energy
Infrastructure Development Executive
Defense Information Systems Agency

You can’t secure what you don’t know – especially when it comes to IT assets across government agencies. Shadow IT has been called out by the White House as the missing link to federal cyber security – from shadow development to rogue access points, personal devices, unauthorized commercial applications, or forgotten servers. […]

John Chirhart [moderator]
Federal Technical Director
Chief Information Officer
Department of Commerce
Trevor Rudolph [invited]
Chief, Cyber and National Security Unit
Office of the U.S. Chief Information Officer
Office of Management and Budget

As cyber threats become increasingly sophisticated and persistent, agencies must look at security at every level of the IT stack. While there is no such thing as an impenetrable defense, the private sector has displayed some impressive capabilities to better protect, deter, and prevent cyber attacks. What critical infrastructure services are needed to ensure successful “defense-in-depth” cyber security operations? […]

Group Vice President
North America Public Sector Cloud and Infrastructure Solutions Sales Engineering
Cybersecurity Subject Matter Expert

There are a whole host of innovative tools and policies to consider for minimizing malicious cyber activity. Still, their contributions, while used discretely, are linear and therefore fall short of need. What are the innovative ideas to consider that use new strategies, partnerships, and tools? Where are they needed the most? How can the public and private sectors collaborate and coordinate their efforts in innovative ways? […]

Board Director
National Cyber Security Society
Vice President
Cybersecurity Partnership Executive
U.S. Bank
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