The world is shifting its thinking on what it truly means to have a “desk job” – and the Federal government seems to be following suit. So is hybrid office culture here to stay at your agency? This new way of working has brought along new security imperatives, training needs, and technology implementations, leaving Federal leaders fashioning strategies to make a stronger comeback, post-pandemic.

Hear Fed IT experts discuss how the workforce is transforming and using cutting-edge solutions to create a safe, secure, and optimal environment for Federal employees to continue serving the mission, from anywhere and everywhere.

We discussed:

  • How the pandemic has changed the traditional workplace expectations and future telework trends
  • How to train and prepare Federal employees and IT leaders for workplace changes and all the associated requirements
  • What security features agencies are putting in place to ensure employees’ access outside of the office is secured
  • How government agencies have reduced cyber-attacks since implementing teleworking policies


Sr. Director, Federal Engineering
Citrix Systems, Inc.
Principal, Government Programs
Clifton G. Douglas, Jr.
Assistant Director, Strategic Issues Team
Government Accountability Office
Practice Lead for Public Sector Solutions Architects
Erin Howe
Vice President of Global Strategy & Operations
Keeper Security

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