The Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack showed the American people that cybersecurity lapses can have real impacts on critical infrastructure safety and continuity across the nation. The attack cut the flow of fuel to the East Coast, and other high-profile ransomware attacks followed in recent weeks, leaving IT leaders wondering if the steady stream of news-making cyber events will ever cease.

The idea that government and industry can stop ransomware and other escalating cyber threats isn’t a pipe dream, however.

Join us on August 12, 2021, from 1:30 – 2:30 p.m. EDT to hear from experts at CISA, Juniper Networks, ExtraHop, and Ping Identity who will dive deep into:

  • Our nation’s current state of cybersecurity
  • The impact of the Biden administration cybersecurity executive order and infrastructure plan
  • How government and industry can coordinate to protect critical infrastructure from malicious cyber actors seeking financial reward or even more damaging outcomes

The Federal push for better cybersecurity has become a national priority as a result of the Colonial Pipeline attack. We hope you can join us for this important conversation about securing our critical infrastructure.


Vice President of Security Response Services
Joseph Franco
Director of Programs
Senior Technical Advisor
Department of Homeland Security
Federal Solutions Architect
Ping Identity
Global Practice Lead – Critical Infrastructure and Industrial IOT
Juniper Networks
Juniper Networks
Ping Identity

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