Defining the Future of Government Networks: November 15, 2016

IT Modernization is one tech trend that won’t go out of fashion with the changing Administration.  With heavy focus on the issue from the Executive branch and the Hill through the Modernizing Government IT Act, agencies are increasingly looking at software defined networking (SDN) as a path towards reduced costs and better security for government networks.  SDN embraces both automation and virtualization, but how can it lead to further tech innovation across agencies?  How about paying for it?  Is the potential working capital fund an option?  Join this off the record breakfast discussion where we will dive into what’s achievable for this critical component of a future ready network – pros, cons, successes, and more.

Join MeriTalk for this insightful breakfast roundtable discussion.

Featured Speaker:

National Agricultural Statistics Service

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Council on Foreign Relations
1777 F Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20006