Future Innovation

Federal CIOs and senior IT leaders are increasingly front and center advocating for IT modernization strategies that infuse the right balance of innovation and security into all aspects of their organization’s mission. This means leveraging advanced capabilities such as hybrid and multicloud management strategies that are critical to increasing speed, security, and resilience across the enterprise.

IT modernization is an opportunity to build a foundation for continuous on-going innovation that avoids stumbling from old to new legacy. It requires a commitment to change and constant learning.

Join MeriTalk and IBM for an off-the-record, limited attendance executive roundtable where we’ll explore how senior IT leaders are leading change in their agencies and increasing security and innovation, with smaller budgets, to drive meaningful mission impact.

Featured Speaker

Office of Management and Budget

This event occurred on the morning of July 18, 2019 at the City Club of Washington. For more information on this past event, please contact jkaranassos@meritalk.com or (703) 883-9000 ext. 133.

Event Details
City Club of Washington
555 13th St. NW
Washington, D.C. 20004
For more information, please contact jkaranassos@meritalk.com or (703) 883-9000 ext. 133.