David Makrokanis
Vice President of Federal
Tenable Network Security, Inc.

Get the inside track from Congressman Will Hurd, Chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on IT, on why increased transparency is critical to improving dynamic IT policies to better secure a modern government.


Congressman Will Hurd
Chairman, Subcommittee on Information Technology
U.S. House of Representatives

As government networks come increasingly under attack, adoption of new technologies is accelerating – and with new technologies come new security challenges. Knowing your networks and understanding your exposure are the keys to defining the best cyber strategy to lead a 21st century government. Attend to hear from Amit Yoran, chairman and CEO of Tenable, on why security modernization must go hand in hand with IT modernization, and engage in a dialogue on how the public and private sectors can work together to strengthen U.S. national and economic security. […]

Amit Yoran
Chairman and CEO

Taking aim at the growing cyber security challenges facing government, the new Cyber EO puts accountability square on the shoulders of agency leadership – heightening the need for real time visibility into network and infrastructure vulnerabilities. As government realigns cyber strategies to address the requirements of the new EO, what steps will be taken to help operationalize this effort? How will real accountability be measured? What role will the new CDM vulnerability dashboard play? What’s needed to support increased operational resiliency and risk management frameworks? Join this executive discussion to unwrap the new cyber EO and how it bolsters the changing paradigm in government cyber strategies. […]

John Chirhart
John Chirhart [moderator]
Federal Technical Director
Partner (Former Chief Information Officer, Department of Homeland Security)
Chief Information Officer
Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration
Department of Treasury
Federal CTO and VP of U.S. Sales Engineering
Essye Miller
Deputy CIO for Cyber Security
Department of Defense
Acting CIO and CISO
Department of Commerce

Now in its fourth year, DHS’ continuous diagnostics and mitigation (CDM) program offers a dynamic approach to cyber security – providing agencies with actionable insight to power their real-time decision making. With stages I and II underway, attend this session for a deep dive into the tools that are driving CDM implementation to date – and the path forward for the program. […]

Josh Canary
Touchstone Technologies
CDM Program Manager, CISA
Department of Homeland Security
Assistant Director & Chief Information Security Officer
Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys
Department of Justice

Join Steve Charles, co-founder of Immix Group, to get the latest on the changing cyber security marketplace. As a leading presence within the industry, Mr. Charles will drill down on how to successfully navigate evolving procurement processes in today’s government technology ecosystem. […]

Steve Charles

With more than thirty years of experience in Federal cyber security supporting the Defense mission, join Dr. Ray Letteer for a deep dive into how increased transparency is improving threat intelligence and informing real-time decisions to better secure a modern government.


Chief of the Cybersecurity Division of the Command, Control, Communications, and Computer (C4) Department at Headquarters
U.S. Marine Corps
Senior Advisor for Cybersecurity
National Security Agency

To stay ahead of the advancing adversary, agencies require the latest detection abilities. Although each agency has its own unique cyber challenges, vulnerability assessments provide agencies with increased insight into their exposures, while helping them meet baseline security standards and guidelines. Learn how effective vulnerability assessment and management is strengthening cyber strategies across government with the speed, agility, and flexibility needed to support – and be compliant – with a 21st century government. […]

Chris Cleary [moderator]
Director of Business Development
Ron Layton
Deputy Assistant Director
U.S. Secret Service
Vice President Enterprise Security Solutions
DXC Technology
Former Deputy Commander of U.S. Cyber Command
U.S. Marine Corps
Jennifer Johnson
Chief Marketing Officer