The past year brought wave after wave of major cyber incidents – and the White House is now taking decisive action to ensure “government visibility before, during, and after.” Enter OMB M-21-31. The memo – in accordance with the Biden administration’s Cyber EO – establishes a new maturity model for event log management, directs agencies to implement new logging requirements using existing cybersecurity budgets, and share data with CISA and the FBI. Agencies were given just two years to reach full logging maturity.

Agencies need to reframe their cyber threat detection methods to comply with M-21-31. With a host of new requirements, increased data collection and storage costs, and limited time, how can Federal cyber leaders get there quickly and effectively?

Watch “Challenge Accepted: The March to Meet OMB’s M-21-31” to hear experts break down the new requirements.

We’ll explore:

  • What M-21-31 means for the future of Federal cybersecurity
  • How robust logging capabilities will help detect and investigate cyber threats
  • Where agencies should begin and prioritize their efforts
  • How agencies can optimize costs and meet the mandate requirements using existing budgets


Gregory Edwards
Chief Information Security Officer
Joseph Franco
Director of Programs
Greg McCullough
Booz Allen Hamiliton
Monzy Merza
Vice President of Cybersecurity GTM
Booz Allen Hamilton


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