GDIT Proactive Defense
Vice President, Foreign Affairs & Transportation
General Dynamics Information Technology
Chief Information Officer
Department of State
Former Chief Information Security Officer
Department of Homeland Security (Retired)

Today’s Federal executives require a comprehensive and real-time picture of cyber activities transpiring within their networked business and mission environments.  Achieving this level of situational awareness requires significant investment in data collection, data management, and advanced analytics capabilities in order to maintain an ongoing view of how the computing environments, networks, and end-user systems are operating.  Attend to discuss the challenges and best practices agencies are experiencing when it comes to cyber transparency.


Roger Cressey
Roger Cressey [moderator]
Liberty Group Ventures, LLC
Associate Professor in the Department of Information Sciences and Technology
George Mason University
Ron Dow
General Dynamics Information Technology

To keep up with rapidly emerging threat vectors and the evolving cyber landscape, the demand for robust cyber security and threat mitigation has never been greater. By adopting a prevention-first approach, agencies can prevent potential breaches before they develop into mission-degrading compromises. Engage in a discussion on successful and proactive threat detection, deterrence and prevention strategies. […]

Eric White
Eric White [moderator]
Executive Program Director
General Dynamics Information Technology
Vice President
Cybersecurity Strategy and Global Policy
Palo Alto Networks
Chief Information Officer
VP of Intelligence
Crowdstrike, Inc.

In today’s hyper-connected world, increased cyber threat intelligence and indicator information sharing is critical to better securing a modern government.  While info-sharing across the public and private sectors continues to gain momentum, malicious actors are growing more organized, targeted and sophisticated.  Attend to discuss the existing information sharing standards and challenges, as well as drill down on the trends and strategies for the future. […]

Paul Kurtz [moderator]
TruSTAR Technology
President and Managing Partner
Liberty Group Ventures, LLC
Intelligence SME for Government Accounts
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