It’s time to flip the paradigm…and see IT security teams and protocols as the “cloud accelerators” they are. Progressive security teams see the possibilities, but they need the right strategies, processes, and tools in place to make it happen.

A zero-trust mindset is critical, but agencies also need a modern secure operations center (SOC) that acts as a security force multiplier. It’s a central command center that helps security teams identify important assets and data, breakdown silos, streamline workflows with automation, and achieve a global view across IT and security ecosystems.

On Monday, August 23, we sat down with Gundeep Ahluwalia, Chief Information Officer, Department of Labor and Juliana Vida, Group Vice President and Chief Strategy Advisor for the “Security as Force Multiplier in the Sprint to the Cloud” complimentary webinar to discuss:

  • Ways security teams can establish security as an enabler and accelerator for innovation and cloud migration
  • The critical connection between data strategies and security
  • Key components of a modern secure operations center in the cloud era
  • How a zero trust architecture factors into the equation
  • Importance of an analytics driven SOC to compliment a zero trust strategy

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Chief Information Officer
Department of Labor
Principal, Government Programs
Group Vice President and Chief Strategy Advisor


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