The Federal government is losing an estimated $300 billion per year to fraud. Thieves target Medicare and Medicaid, Social Security, tax returns, disability insurance, unemployment benefits, and other programs. Data analytics and real-time monitoring can help agencies reduce fraud, waste, and abuse. Are agencies using those tools effectively? Are they using them at all?

“Stealing from Uncle Sam” took place on November 19, 2014, and examined who is “Stealing from Uncle Sam” and how Federal agencies can use big data analytics to stop the fraudsters.

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Office of Management and Budget
Government Accountability Office
Department of Energy
Internal Revenue Service
U.S. Postal Service
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Department of Health and Human Services
Office of Management and Budget
Securities and Exchange Commission
Department of Homeland Security
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Knight Conference Center at the Newseum
555 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.
Washington, D.C.
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