Cyber Progress: AI Impact
Cyber Progress: AI Impact


Watch: Cyber Challenge in Focus


Listen: Data Noise to Cyber Advantage

Cyberattacks, connected devices, and data are growing exponentially every year, into the billions, trillions, and zettabytes, respectively. Neither people nor traditional cybersecurity solutions can keep up with the data or the attacks. In this episode of MeriTalking, Gail Emery speaks with NVIDIA’s Killian Sexsmith and Matt Penn on Federal cyber challenges and the opportunity for AI and AI data to serve as a powerful weapon against bad actors.


Read: 2023 Cyber Predictions

As Federal agencies work to secure more devices and more data than ever, leaders recognize they can’t hire their way out of the cyber talent shortage. NVIDIA’s Bartley Richardson and David Reber explore new cyber defense approaches and what will make the most significant impact on cyber resilience in 2023.

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