Federal Data Accessibility, Productivity With GPU-Accelerated VDI

Across every level of government and industry, employees expect constant and reliable access to the data, applications, and tools they use to complete daily tasks. The onset of the global pandemic only accelerated this trend. Government agencies and contractors have been working to arm their employees with the tools and resources needed to remain efficient. To solve remote work challenges and maintain office productivity, agencies can implement a GPU-accelerated Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

Discover how contractors and government agencies can use this solution to:

  • Safely manage and access massive datasets
  • Accelerate visualization and high graphics workloads
  • Gain a portable user experience that accommodates the needs of the remote worker
  • Improve workload energy efficiency by up to 60 percent

For more information on how Dell Technologies and NVIDIA are helping government customers work from anywhere, please visit: www.nvidia.com/together-with-dell.