Lead the Way with GPU-Accelerated Signal Processing

While signal processing applications have traditionally relied on special accelerators, like field programmable gate arrays to deliver real-time performance 5G – with dramatically lower latency and radically greater bandwidth – is now accelerating adoption of GPU-accelerated signal processing.

This offers several distinct advantages for Federal organizations, including enhanced security and the ability to prototype and deploy high-performance applications across a variety of GPUs using agency-preferred languages. Complementary edge computing solutions can turn sensor data into digital data for real-time analytics and signal processing determinations.

As IT developers and decision-makers look toward the future, learn how Federal agencies can lead the way in signal processing with a focus on:

  • Fast input/output handling
  • Programmability
  • Compute performance
  • Enablement of AI training and inference for signal processing workloads

For more information on how Dell Technologies and NVIDIA are helping to innovate the future of signal processing applications, please visit: www.nvidia.com/together-with-dell.