A Wild Idea
Managing Federal Data in the Clouds

Federal agencies are moving quickly toward multicloud environments to store and run data and applications anywhere, from Federal offices to remote battlefields. Eighty percent of DoD IT decision makers agree there is an urgent need for enterprise cloud in the DoD and 84% say accelerating enterprise cloud migration is vital to meeting the needs of our nation’s warfighters.

Andrew Balzarini, Director of Marketing & Alliances at Wildflower International, LTD., and Kelsey Werder Monaghan, Federal Strategic Programs and Partnerships Lead for Cloud to Edge at Dell Technologies, explore best practices for accelerating enterprise cloud migration and multicloud management so agencies can drive more mission outcomes.

To learn more about how Wildflower and Dell Technologies are helping Federal agencies harness the power of multicloud to accelerate digital transformation, please visit: https://www.wildflowerintl.com/solutions/cloud-solutions/.

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