Software Intelligence
Software Intelligence for Federal Government

Traditionally, Federal IT applications were managed through a set of disparate point tools, each requiring human involvement. As applications grew out of the traditional data center into private cloud – and subsequently into public and hybrid clouds – the old way of doing things could no longer scale to meet the needs of Federal agencies.

This brings us to artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. The volume of data aggregated by monitoring and observability tools quickly becomes immense, making it difficult to understand the data without the aid of AI. AIOps is here to help by providing IT automation and applying AI and ML techniques to analyze monitoring and observability data. AIOps systems can analyze massive amounts of network and machine data to find patterns that are impossible for humans to identify.

Read the e-book, “Software Intelligence for Federal Government: The Road to AIOps” to learn more about how to ensure mission critical apps are always on and optimized with automatic and intelligent observability.

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