AI + ML: Solving Unsolvable Problems

The former administration’s FY 2021 budget invests over $1 billion in artificial intelligence (AI) research and development (R&D) and commits to doubling the R&D budget by 2022.

  • When will AI and Machine Learning (ML) be ready to tackle public-sector organization’s top mission-critical tasks?
  • What critical problems are they looking to solve with the technology?
  • How are organizations utilizing cloud-based infrastructure to scale the potential of AI/ML?
  • How are they managing data from edge to core to cloud to enable real-time analytics and insight?

MeriTalk surveyed 75 attendees of the 2020 AI World Government conference to discover how organizations are scaling AI/ML to help solve some of the public sector’s toughest challenges.

Download the “AI + ML: Solving Unsolvable Problems” infographic to learn more.

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