FedRAMP Fault Lines

FedRAMP faces a wide array of serious challenges – fault lines in its foundation. In fact, 79 percent of Federal cloud decision makers are frustrated with FedRAMP, most commonly calling the process “a compliance exercise.” But in reality, FedRAMP is mandatory for Federal agency cloud deployments and needs to succeed if the government is to ever capitalize on the promise of cloud.

So, what now? MeriTalk surveyed 150 Federal IT cloud decision makers to better understand FedRAMP frustrations and identify the path forward.

Download the “FedRAMP Fault Lines” report to discover:

  • Why Feds are frustrated with FedRAMP
  • If Feds think FedRAMP has increased security
  • Why Feds remain uncertain about the FedRAMP process
  • How Feds can embrace FedRAMP and capitalize on the promise of cloud

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