Hyper Converged Without the Compromise

With the majority of agencies headed for a hybrid cloud environment1, Federal IT managers must find a bridge between today’s aging infrastructures and tomorrow’s cloud future.  And despite endless mandates pushing modernization, fears around change and a loss of control have stifled Feds’ progress.  However, Feds say next-generation hyper converged infrastructures (HCIs) may be the missing link.

Agencies like GSA see HCIs as a way to simplify and streamline on-premises IT services while enabling a wide variety of cloud options.  And recent advancements in performance, flexibility, and automation position next-generation HCI solutions at the front of the pack.

Download the infographic to learn:

  • Where agencies stand with hyper converged
  • How HCI enables core modernization efforts like cloud, automation, and advanced analytics
  • What barriers still stand in the way

[1] https://meritalk.com/study/to-cloud-or-not-to-cloud/

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