Federal Cyber Uncertainty – KVM XYZ

Federal agency CISOs are already focusing hard on CDM, FISMA, HSPD 12, and TIC – but it’s time to throw another acronym into the mix, and this one spells common sense productivity for the classified and sensitive-data communities. How can we empower Feds to access sensitive networks and also access the public Internet without requiring two systems that take up valuable desktop real estate? How do we enable productivity for Feds while ensuring air-tight seals between networks, protecting from both inside and outside threats?

Download the “KVM XYZ” infographic to find out:

  • What the current cyber threat environment looks like
  • If agencies are confident in (and complying with) CDM, FISMA, HSPD-12, and TIC
  • How secure KVM can enable agency productivity in a high security environment

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