Migration Motivation – The Shift in Federal Cloud Optimism

There’s no question Federal agencies are reaping benefits from the cloud – improved speed and agility, reduced complexity, and cost savings. But, as Federal mandates propel cloud forward, some – Cloud Pioneers – welcome the boost, while others – Box Huggers – have cold feet.

MeriTalk asked Federal IT cloud decision-makers to examine the shift in Federal cloud optimism, as well as the motivation behind cloud migration. We found that cloud migrations are going better than expected – with a majority (75 percent) of Federal cloud decision-makers saying their workforce is somewhat or very comfortable with moving its systems to the cloud. But what’s causing Feds to warm up to the cloud? And what steps are they taking to realize its benefits?

Download the “Migration Motivation – The Shift in Federal Cloud Optimism” report to discover:

  • Why Feds are increasingly more comfortable with cloud computing and more optimistic today than five years ago?
  • What steps agencies are taking to realize cloud benefits?
  • What Feds have learned from cloud migration and how those lessons are shaping the future of the cloud?
  • How agencies should embrace the optimism, balance key decision factors, and assimilate the broader workforce for lasting cloud success?

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