Modernizing the Monolith
Modernizing the Monolith: Unlocking the Legacy Data Dilemma

Now that the Modernizing Government Technology Act is official, Federal CIOs and IT managers face more pressure than ever to break free of aging infrastructure.  But, the volume of data locked in legacy systems and slower-than-anticipated cloud adoption has slowed progress.

Amidst all the talk, where do agencies stand with modernization?  Are emerging technologies – application programming interfaces (APIs), microservice architectures, and crucial integration strategies making a difference?

Download “Modernizing the Monolith:  Unlocking the Legacy Data Dilemma” to discover:

  • Do agencies have a clear IT modernization roadmap, and are they implementing plans agency-wide?
  • How can agencies improve data sharing and lay the groundwork for hybrid cloud environments?
  • Where can APIs and other integration strategies accelerate modernization efforts and impact Federal missions?
  • What do agencies still need to move modernization forward?

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