Pedal to the Metal: Mitigating New Threats Faster

Agencies deal with a greater volume and velocity of cyber threats today than ever before. To achieve actionable cyber awareness and drive continuity of vital operations, Federal cyber leaders must speed cyber response times for threat prevention, detection, and mitigation for known, and more importantly, unknown threats.

MeriTalk surveyed 150 Federal security operations team members to examine how agencies are minimizing damage by deploying more automated solutions that leverage product and external threat feed intelligence.

Download the “Pedal to the Metal: Mitigating New Threats Faster with Rapid Intel and Automation” report to discover:

  • How much time and manpower is expended analyzing threat intelligence
  • What advanced automatic capabilities Feds can utilize to act rapidly and decisively against advanced threats
  • And, most importantly, if threat intelligence is helping Feds prevent attacks – from never-before-seen threat actors and tactics – faster

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