The Video Vortex

Video surveillance data is growing – fast. By 2020, video surveillance is expected to reach approximately 3.3 trillion captured video hours globally. Organizations’ appetites for video surveillance in an “always-on” world are straining IT infrastructures – from networks, to storage, to analysis capabilities.

How can agencies derive maximum actionable intelligence from video surveillance data? What are the roles of physical security and IT in video surveillance programs, and how can they work in unison? What do the growing data volumes mean for the future of video surveillance and underlying Federal IT infrastructures?

To understand the video vortex, MeriTalk surveyed 151 Federal IT and physical security decision makers. Download “The Video Vortex” report to discover:

  • How agencies can optimize video surveillance data insights
  • Potential opportunities for integrating video surveillance and big data analytics
  • Current state of readiness to handle growing video surveillance data volumes and deliver actionable intelligence
  • Insight from Feds on the necessary path forward for collaboration and infrastructure advancements

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