As millennials–currently ages 19-35–move to parenthood, three-quarters (77 percent) support a create-your-own approach to education, where students can determine a path best suited for their learning style.

The majority of Americans (76 percent), and 92 percent of millennial parents, feel that their children should be able to choose tuition-free online learning options that meet their individual needs.

“Parents have always said that it’s impossible for one teacher to teach 25 students one way and all of them actually progress the same; it’s just not possible,” said Amanda Recker, a millennial parent, in the Connections Education survey. “Seeing this happen more…different types of education has really started to open people’s minds to alternative ways that work.”

Eighty percent of millennial parents agree that online schools can lead to more personalized education, compared to 72 percent of Gen X and 76 percent of baby boomers.

“The millennial generation flipped the workplace on its head, and all signs point to them breaking the status quo for education as well,” said Steven Guttentag, president and co-founder of Connections Education. “Compared to older generations, this generation of parents has more experience in education options beyond brick-and-mortar schools, such as online courses and blended learning. As a result, we’re finding they’re more open to and supportive of different education options.”

Of the current millennial parents, 48 percent have taken an online course.

The survey also found 77 percent of millennial parents think students should be offered an option to take all of their courses online. Sixty-five percent of Gen X and 71 percent of baby boomer parents agree.

“Not every child learns the same,” said Michael Tobeck, a millennial parent. “That’s the great thing about online school, and I think people are starting to realize that.”

Source: Connections Education
Source: Connections Education
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