The world is a big place and we can learn a lot by studying how different governments and business cultures approach the pressing technology challenges of the day.

David Bray recently had a chance to do just that. As a 2015 Eisenhow Fellow, Bray spent 5 weeks visiting with senior government and industry leaders in Taiwan and Australia to find out how they plan to handle the implications of IoT technologies, emerging cybersecurity issues and privacy challenges, among many other topics.

I caught up with Bray — who also serves as the FCC’s chief information officer — at this year’s Cyber Security Brainstorm, hosted by MeriTalk, in Washington, D.C. He spoke candidly about what he learned from his travels and told the amazing story of how a small team of dedicated IT professionals at the FCC spent their Labor Day holiday weekend physically moving 200 servers full of mission-critical data from FCC headquarters in Washington, D.C., to a commercial cloud facility. It’s a story you don’t want to miss.

And only David and the camera crew know how many takes it took me to get this intro right.

David Bray: The MeriTalk Interview

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