Research firm Gartner published its list of technologies that can address the pressing challenges that public-sector CIOs face over the next 12 to 18 months, with a focus on rethinking existing concepts to better meet the challenges agencies face.

The list is not intended to highlight the technologies that Gartner expects the public sector to use most, but is intended “to help government CIOs establish the rationale, timing, and priority of technology investments,” the firm states in a press release.

For example, the list highlights a new approach to automation and artificial intelligence, suggesting that government CIOs reframe artificial intelligence as “augmented intelligence,” or a partnership between people and technology that centers on people.

Gartner also highlights the adoption of agile by design as a key trend— emphasizing the need for agile to become the default and become embedded in the practices of government agencies.

The full list also includes:

  • Adaptive Security
  • Citizen Digital Identity
  • Multichannel Citizen Engagement
  • Digital Product Management
  • Anything as a Service
  • Shared Services 2.0
  • The Digitally Empowered Workforce, and
  • Analytics Everywhere

“They fit into a broader set of macrotrends that demand the attention of today’s government leaders, including social instability, perpetual austerity, an aging population, rising populism and the need to support sustainability goals,” Gartner states.

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