Between the requirements of the Biden administration’s cybersecurity executive order and the ransomware-ravaged ranks of government and industry, there are two roads to a more productive and secure future – cloud and cyber. Amid the continual changes, education is the key to navigating the future now more than ever. That’s where MeriTalk UniversIT comes in.

An online library of training courses designed to expand your knowledge on all things government IT, MeriTalk UniversIT features six courses available now for viewing.

One course in particular focuses on the road to cloud and how to leverage security features in the cloud. The “Cloud 101 – Enabling and Securing Government Digital Transformation” course covers the essentials of how to leverage cloud to advance digital transformation, as well as how to secure cloud infrastructure for mission-critical workloads.

Broken into three 20-minute sessions, the hour-long course begins with creating a data-driven culture of innovation, identifying critical enabling factors, and mapping out strategies to change your organization for the better.

The course then breaks down AWS Cloud and how it delivers security, compliance, and resiliency, along with deeper insights using analytics. Then, instructors dig into how cloud can enable remote work and look to the future of teleworking.

Finally, the course offers best practices for cloud procurement and cost management, how to select vendors and partners, how to evaluate your organization’s unique cloud needs, and how to leverage managed services and automation.

The best thing about UniversIT? You’ll learn plenty, and never spend a penny. So start watching now – head over to UniversIT to start your registration.

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