When asked to rate their educational technology skills, only 15 percent of K-12 teachers gave themselves an A, according to a recent University of Phoenix College of Education survey.

Of the 1,000-plus K-12 teacher surveyed, 43 percent rated themselves average or below average.

“With continuing advancements in technology, it can be difficult for districts and teachers to determine the best way to effectively use these tools,” said Kathy Cook, dean of educational technology for University of Phoenix College of Education and former K-12 educator. “The good news is that technology integration has become a substantial component to teacher preparation and continuing education programs for teachers.”

The survey revealed 51 percent of respondents said they need to improve their classroom tech savvy.  Yet, nine out of 10 teachers surveyed said they use educational technology weekly–over half use it in the classroom on a daily basis.

Most K-12 teachers use technology for students to conduct research in the classroom (78 percent). In addition, 67 percent use games and simulations for classroom learning.

Teachers cited the following as top technology devices they use in the classroom:

  • Laptop/netbook computers (85 percent).
  • Interactive white boards (75 percent).
  • Tablet computers and/or eReaders (67 percent).
  • LCD projectors (58 percent).
  • Digital cameras (50 percent).

“Learning more about the latest tools and techniques being used to enhance and improve student learning can help teachers become stewards of effective ed tech use,” said Cook. “Online resources can empower today’s educators to self-start their digital and ed tech education to supplement school or district-sponsored resources.”

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