Declara has created an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform that builds a learning journey for K-12 and university educators to gather resources and materials without cost.

“[Education systems] aren’t bringing in more modern approaches to learning, innovation, and resource access,” said Ramona Pierson, CEO of Declara.

Educators often don’t have the time or resources to manage the information they need and adjust their teaching for individual students’ learning styles.

The goal is to “bring that work into education and learning for educators,” said Pierson. “[We] partnered with Californians Dedicated to Education Foundation and the California Department of Education to bring these technologies to…the hands of educators.”

California joined the Department of Education’s #GoOpen Initiative  in August after creating Collaboration in Common–an online resource exchange for educators. The resource is being rolled out this month.

This online tools uses bots to “go out and find resources, mentors, peer mentors [and] automatically builds the learning journey for people,” continued Pierson. “It offers recommended crossroads based on curiosity. If someone else’s journey crosses over…our bots will recommend…maybe you want to join [this person] on your journey to more rapidly pick up concepts, ideas, and knowledge that will help you with your classroom.”

A portable cognitive graph, driven by machine learning, builds a graphic, dynamic representation of the user’s knowledge and drives content to the user–even if they are using other platforms to gather knowledge.

“[We] wanted to build this platform that helps connect people to other people on a journey,” said Pierson.  Declara aims to “inspire people, support other peoples’ learning…help teach a community of people.”

“We want to gather and incorporate the feedback from early users in real time as we bring them on, so when we open it up for any educator in California later this year…it’s a very smooth, seamless, and productive initial experience,” said Zak Zielezinski, vice president of business development at Declara.

“We want to find some early adopters who are willing to work with us around designing our Bot User Interface (user experience),” said Pierson. It’s an opportunity for educators to co-design their experience. If any educators are interested in providing feedback, please contact Declara here.

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