The United States Air Force’s (USAF) Kessel Run software factory has begun a new software acquisition strategy that consolidates 21 different programs under a single acquisition strategy, Kessel Run announced May 16.

The strategy, titled the Kessel Run Air Domain DevSecOps portfolio, was recently approved and signed out and is designed around how Kessel Run acts as a DevSecOps and Acquisition unit. In addition to consolidating programs into a single strategy, the strategy also creates five Software Acquisition Pathway “programs of record.”

“It helps us align our appropriated funds with our programs of record, in a way that allows us to maintain our DevOps Culture and approach to modernization,” Rachel Mamroth, the Deputy Chief of Acquisitions for Kessel Run, said in a release. “With this approved strategy we can keep true to the modernized development and delivery of software while still being accountable and reportable to Congress.”

An acquisition programs manager for Kessel Run said the new strategy will allow the unit to move faster through synchronizing an alignment of funding, requirements, and authorities.

The strategy also lays out how the Kessel Run detachment will utilize DevSecOps as for modernization. The strategy looks at DevSecOps as a tactic to “deprecate current systems and transform them into an approach that increases responsiveness to the ever-changing technology and threat landscape.”

“This is a historic milestone for the future of Kessel Run,” Lt. Col. Max Reele, the Materiel Leader of Kessel Run, said in the release. “This guiding policy now enables Kessel Run operations to more closely align with our capability goals.”

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Lamar Johnson
Lamar Johnson
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