The U.S. Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Bureau for Resilience and Food Security is looking for feedback for a planned climate adaption support activity that will provide a suite of services and products to USAID Missions, Washington, D.C. Operating Units, and partners to support adaption mainstreaming, programming, and scaling to effect change.

The request for information (RFI) states that further action needs to be integrated into climate resilient development pathways related to energy access, urbanization, and a large adaption deficit globally.

Among other items, the activity requested by USAID will need to consider how to “achieve sustainability and scaling in evolving social, political, economic, ecological, and climate contexts.” Approaches for this may include locally led development, coalitions strengthening, climate finance access, and civil society and private sector engagement and digital technologies to support sustainability and scaling.

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“This activity is key for supporting the Agency’s forthcoming Climate Strategy and its focus on accelerating and scaling climate actions, catalyzing transformative shifts to climate-resilient pathways, mainstreaming adaptation across sectors and programs, and enabling equitable climate action,” the RFI states.

Among objectives, the activity must:

  • Increase actionable information to support the design and implementation of impactful adaption approaches, interventions, and systems shifts;
  • Identify strategic and forward-looking adaption and resilience approaches to support sustainable, scalable, and innovative adaption; and
  • Expand inclusive capacity building, convening and partnership, and coalition strengthening to support impactful adaption action.

Further, the activity from USAID will follow certain principles, including promoting equity, inclusive development, and equitable, inclusive climate action; focus on sustainability and scaling; as well as recognizing climate risk and adaption occurs in complex contexts, among other principles.

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