The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated Federal government adoption of hybrid cloud as agencies endeavored to provide secure data access and data management for workloads and applications anywhere and everywhere. In a new MeriTV interview, Chad Martin discusses enterprise data management and security in hybrid cloud environments and what agencies need to consider as they prepare for employees to return to the office and for continued telework.

Martin, director of cloud and data center for Technology Integration Group, has worked with government, education, and healthcare customers over the past 20 years.

“More and more agencies are looking to distribute data across multiple platforms and clouds,” Martin said.  As a result, data management is more complex than ever, he noted.

High-performance networks can mitigate the latency associated with moving data between data centers via the internet, Martin explained. In addition to performance, Martin addresses the cost, security, and data redundancy challenges associated with hybrid cloud environments in the interview.

On MeriTV, Martin discusses how agencies effectively and securely utilize hybrid cloud environments. He outlines:

  • How to build a cloud strategy, with finance and functionality top of mind;
  • How to deliver a user friendly experience, in the office and remotely;
  • The value of partnerships in navigating the cloud journey; and
  • The importance of planning for cyber recovery.

“Cyber recovery should be top of mind when we start talking about managing hybrid cloud environments,” Martin said. “Data protection should be in the front seat with cybersecurity. Focus on securing those environments, backing up that data. Look for technologies that allow you to move data, applications, and workloads to and from the public cloud without having to do rehosting and replatforming.”

For more insights from Martin, check out the full interview.

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