School may be out, but the next edition of the biannual report card for Federal IT is coming next week, as the House Oversight and Reform Committee has scheduled its hearing for the eighth version of the FITARA Scorecard on Wednesday, June 26.

The hearing, set to be held in the Oversight Committee’s hearing room, will put Federal IT in Capitol Hill’s spotlight, as agencies will receive the House’s assessment of their compliance with laws like the Modernizing Government Technology Act, the MEGABYTE Act, and, of course, the Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act, or FITARA.

The FITARA Scorecard has proven to be an effective tool in pushing forward IT modernization. A new MeriTalk study found that 70 percent of Federal IT leaders believe FITARA has accelerated IT modernization, and 68 percent believe the law has improved efficiency.

Once the scorecard is released, MeriTalk’s FITARA Dashboard will provide a clear and concise look at how each agency performed, with graphs charting the new scores with past performance, and comparisons between agencies.

The FITARA Scorecard 8.0 will also form the basis of the FITARA Awards, which will be hosted on Capitol Hill on September 10. MeriTalk will recognize the agencies and leaders who work hard to improve their agency’s IT, with the awards chaired Rep. Gerry Connolly, D-Va.

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